Binance Tutorial – How to Use Binance Exchange(Best Strategy to Make Profit)

Binance Tutorial

Binance Tutorial – How to Use Binance Exchange

You may heard about Binance. Binance is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchange with over 6 million users. It is user-friendly for newbie who are willing to start investing in bitcoin. In this session I will talk about Binance Tutorial for Beginner and Best Strategies that I use to make profit and earn for a living with bitcoin trading.

Binane Buy & Sell Bitcoin

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Bitcoin are increasing its popularity and many people start to buy bitcoin since 2009. The bitcoin price went from 0.10$ to around 18000$ in 2018. Is it too late to own bitcoin? The answer is no. Today there are many companies investing in cryptocurrency. Many and many altcoin and Token exist. And In this tutorial I will use Binance Exchange to buy and sell cryptocurrency in order to make profit even you start with little amount of money.

Why We need Cryptocurrency Exchange

Cryptocurrency Price is always up and down every minute, go to coinmarketcap to see the price of bitcoin and many others.

 This is the great opportunity to make profit with Cryptocurrency Exchange. The Following is the strategy that I used everyday to make income with online cryptocurrency exchange.

#1. Attitude

Most people fail because they are too greedy, panic when the price is down and happy when the price is dramatically increased. Don’t panic! Just Stay Cool, You can make profit even price is down.

#2. Buy at Low Price And Sell at High Price

In other to make it profitable, Just Follow a simple rule “Buy Low Price, Sell High Price”. For Instance, If You buy Tron at 0.04$ Per Coin and You Sell at 0.08$ Per Coin, that is 100% In Profit.

#3. Don’t Lost The Money

“Don’t lost Your Money”: If you buy Tron at 0.1$ Per coin and the price is down and down to 0.02$ Per coin. The only thing you need to do is to wait until the price increase

#4. Don’t Sell All of Your coin

Suppose you buy 20000 TRX at 0.04 Per Coin and its price increase to 0.1$ Per Coin in the next day. Will You sell All of your Tron. Sell Only 50% of Your Coin Because the price can increase to 0.2$ in the next day.

#5. Don’t Hurry to Buy

What do I mean by “Don’t hurry to buy”? That is very simple, if you have 1000$ and Tron is at 0.05$ Per Coin. if you buy all You will have 20,000 Tron. Don’t Buy All, Buy only 50% of your money at 0.05$ and keep your 50% of the money to buy if the price is still going down.

You have 1000$: 

You Buy TRX at 0.05$ With 50% your money, You have 10,000 TRX

if the next day the price of TRX is 0.02$, Buy it all: You will have 25,000TRX

In Total, You will have 35,000 TRX. If You Buy all of you 1000$ at 0.05$, You will have only 20000 TRX.

#6. Invest in many coins.

Don’t just invest in one coin, You must invest in many coins as much as you can, and buy and sell them when they are profitable.

#7. Look for Coin that is hot in the market

If you do Realtime trading, You must look the coin that people are hungry to buy because you can buy and sell very fast.

Disclaimer: this is just my experience with buying and selling cryptocurrency. I don’t mean to give you any financial advice to invest with this. Take Your Own Risk!