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Exmo – How I turn 2000$ to 10000$ in just 2 Weeks Trading On Exmo

Exmo – How I turn 2000$ to 10000$ in just 2 Weeks Trading On Exmo

Exmo Review: Cryptocurrency became the popular topic on Internet right now. Many people began to invest in bitcoin, even bitcoin is not yet legalized and warned by many governments.  In my option, I think bitcoin and other cryptocurrency is the most profitable investment, even it seems to be risky. In this article, I will share how I took risks to buy and sell on Exmo Tradding Platform.

Binane Buy & Sell Bitcoin

Firstly, I buy bitcoin at CEX.IO for 2000$ and withdraw all to fund my EXMO Account.

And I begin to analysis which coin is the most profitable to buy and sell. I begin to set a rule “Buy Any coin And Keep it for 1 week or 2 weeks, if the price increase to 5% or more  in profit, I will sell and buy another coin“.

I decided to buy Kickcoin at 0.04$ per coin, In just 5 days, Kickcoin price increase to 0.072$ per coin. I sold all my kickcoin.

After that I begin to analysis again which coin price will increase in price in the next week, I analyze Dash, Ethereum, Monero, And Litecoin. After Long time of analysis, I decided to buy Litecoin at around 130$ per coin.

Finally I have bought 33 Litecoin. To Date 14-Dec-2017, Litecoin price is around 300$

That is 33×304.38= 100044.54$

Final Thought, Exmo is a very easy platform to use for buying and selling bitcoin and make more profit during to their low commission fees. I love to buy and sell on it. If you want to try, you register at And begin to get start with Exmo Trading Platform.

Disclaimer: this is just my experience with buying and selling cryptocurrency. I don’t mean to give you any financial advice to invest with this. Take Your Own Risk!

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